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Skype speaking
 このサイトを利用すればあなたのレベルにあった海外の友達を見つけ毎日英会話を楽しむことができます。English speaking 力を一気にアップすることができます。
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The Little Prince
Robinson Crusoe
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  1. 15 English questions for November 2018
  2. 17 English questions for October 2018
  3. 17 English questions for September 2018
  4. 17 English questions for August 2018
  5. 17 English questions for July 2018
  6. 17 English questions for June 2018
  7. 17 English questions for May 2018
  8. 17 English questions for April 2018
1 Are you a family person?
2 Are you a good student?
3 Do you always have three meals a day?
4 Do you cook your own meals?
5 Do you have the ideal family?
6 Do you like flying?
7 Do you like playing sports?
8 Do you like Valentine's Day?
9 How is your health?
10 What are your favourite toys?
11 What country would you love to live in?
12 What movie would you like to live in?
13 Do you think that being a student was the best time of your life?
14 How often do you think about food?
15 How often do you think about money?
16 What are important numbers in your life?
17 What are the best things about Facebook?
18 What makes a joke funny?
19 Would you like to be an actor?
20 Would you like to go on a shopping holiday?
21 Are you happy that you are the gender that you are?
22 Do you think that divorce is a sin?
23 Do you worry about diseases?
24 How similar are you to your friends?
25 Is success important to you?
26 What do you want to do for work?
27 What is the best way to increase your knowledge?
28 What is the funniest joke that you know?
29 What is your biggest fear?
30 Does war ever do any good?
31 How important is your family to you?
32 How is our language different from animal language?
33 How often do you go to the library?
34 Why do many people not like big weddings?
35 Would you like to work in a library?
36 How important do you think education is?
37 What does driving mean to you?
38 Are you stressed at the moment?
39 Do you ever worry about losing your friends?
40 How often do you dance?
41 What do you know about Walt Disney?
42 What do you think about your language?
43 What is the most beautiful country in the world?What country would you love to live in?
44 Are opinions important?
45 Could you live without the Internet?
46 Do you believe in God?
47 Do you like rain?
48 Do you prefer writing or typing?
49 Do you think that it is always safe to use a taxi?
50 Do you think that it is possible to save the Earth?
51 Do you think the news is usually happy or sad?
52 How important is email to you?
53 How important is email to you?
54 How often do you use Google?
55 Is Britain great?
56 Is crime a problem where you live?
57 Is your teacher good at teaching vocabulary?
58 Someone said that work is for horses and idiots. Do you agree?
59 What are people best at?
60 What are your favourite English words?
61 What do you do in your life to care for the Earth?
62 What do you know about illegal drugs?
63 What has the USA given to the world?
64 What is Africa famous for?
65 What is beauty?
66 What is News in Levels.com about?
67 What is the best way to study for a vocabulary test?
68 What makes a friend a best friend?
69 Who are the greatest women in your country’s history?
70 Why are you studying English?
71 Why do so many people like sports?
72 Why do women like shopping more than men?
73 Why do you think that football is the world’s most popular sport?
74 Would you like to read more?